Discovery Castle Childcare announcement for COVID-19 State of emergency

April 03, 2020

Dear Parent,

We hope that you are all healthy and safe. While we are open to parents who choose to bring their children to our facilities, we would like you to be aware of the following:

* Discovery Castle Childcare Facilities(DCC) will be open during April 2020;

* If you have already given us written notice, stating that you have chosen to keep your child/children at home, you do not need to pay for our services until the State Of Emergency is lifted by the government; and you decide to bring your child/children back to our facilities. Our billing will resume from the date you bring your child/children back to DCC. Your billing will be prorated (if applicable), should the starting attendance fall on any day other than the first Business Day of the month.

* However, if you need our childcare services for the month of April, and have not already given us a written notice that you would not bring your child/children to DCC, you should follow all payment policies as before.

* DCC requires a minimum of Fifteen (15) days’ notice of return to our facilities for your child/children, for the re-entry, after the lifting of the State of Emergency by the government.

* As per government request, all through the State of Emergency, Discovery Castle Childcare Facilities will be open to all parents who need our services throughout our community.

Director of Discovery Castle Childcare

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