Learning should be fun, exciting and filled with discoveries. We know children learn better through performing and experiencing.

Reading is fundamental: there are story times every day.

Success starts in preschool: nurturing children’s creativities and fostering their self-esteems to ensure a well-balanced future generation. We treat our children with “Healthy Mind – Healthy Body” philosophy, knowing good nutrition is the key to good education.

Straight Forward Communication: With children will teach them to be truthful, trusting, and thus trustworthiness develops.
Forming Critical Thinkers: Asking questions from children and giving them adequate time to find the correct answers, will create problem solvers and foster their self-esteem with the “I CAN DO IT!” feeling and belief.

Rich curriculum with Rich activities: history, geography, math, science, social studies, imagination, art, nonviolence and much more.
Character education for a meaningful life: emphasizing respect, tolerance, compassion, nonviolence, courage, gratefulness, kindness, perseverance, determination, social responsibility and much more.

Finally, we want our children to be open-minded, explorers, independent thinkers and future leaders. Leaders in being the very best of who they truly are in the fields they are gifted in. Helping them discover their gifts, express themselves truthfully, while exploring their own challenges. We teach them to think creatively and critically.

below is an example of our everyday time schedule: